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Support Your Community

Introducing the Ultimate Self-Care Package:

Elevate Your Well-Being and Support Your Community! 

Discover our curated Self-Care Package, a gateway to relaxation at home. Your purchase not only pampers you but also supports the community via Mynd Body Connect, Inc. – a nonprofit driving mental health and self-care education. Click below to learn more and make a meaningful difference today!

Discover YOUR Path to Self-Care,
Healing and Time Management

Welcome to Mynd Body Connect, your gateway to holistic self-care, healing and time reclamation. We are a  hub for wellness, where five exceptional businesses and a non-profit unite, all with a shared focus on the transformative power of self-care.

Join us on this transformative journey, where you can find balance, joy, and healing through the art of physical, mental and emotional self-care, as well as time management and time freedom. Mynd Body Connect is here to support and guide you as you unlock your true potential and embrace a life of holistic well-being. Discover YOUR path to happiness through self-care, healing and time reclamation. 

Which Is Your Path To Self-Care, Healing and Time Management?

Unique and Special Kids Spa is an oasis for your kids in Alexandria, Virginia! Unwind, pamper, and explore at our kid-centric spa. Your children can enjoy spa services, salon treatments, all-inclusive party packages, and engaging S.T.E.A.M. classes.

Escape to Silk Rose Spa. Tranquil. Reflective. Rejuvenating. Unwind with curated treatments inspired by global traditions. Solo or group, indulge in serene spa services and exotic botanicals. Pause, reflect, and reconnect. Experience relaxation redefined. 

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Botanic Artisan-4.png

Botanic Artisan: Nature's artistry curated. Breathtaking designs for residential and commercial spaces. Exterior planters, interior displays. Specialized care for unique environments. Exceeding expectations, big or small. Experience curated nature's artistry with us!

Happiness Is Healing provides business consultation services, as well as, life and happiness coaching for adults, teens and children. We  specialize in "Happiness in Business" coaching for employers, bridging the gap between whole wellness luxury and whole wellness necessity.

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