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(Prounounced - M.B. Scenery)

Low Risk Property Management/ 

Time Reclamation Company

Property Management Made Simple

At Mynd Body Connect, we specialize in introducing and promoting stress management, internal happiness and time reclamation techniques.  MBC-nery, in particular, is dedicated to simplifying the property management model. By means of short term rentals, we help homeowners to alleviate the time constraints and stress that come with finding long-term renters to care for their property as they would. Extensive wear and tear is every property owners biggest fear. At MBC-nery, we have seen a reduction in abnormal wear, tear and damage claims and landlords can rest assured that the $2,000,000 accidental damage insurance policy will cover any damages that are incurred by renters. If you are looking for steady rental income with a low risk assessment, that frees up your time and allows you to focus on your happiness triggers, MBC-nery is right for you!

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